​Funlab was established by Luke Hayes in the summer of 2020 to fuse the commerciality of big practice and the personality and approachability of the smaller practice. 

Not just off of a wacky idea but experience. 

Funlab is passionate about architecture, interiors, interventions and the spaces around them. 

Projects are client focused, not statement driven. 

There are no house styles nor preconceived ideas, these do not translate for every client or every site. 

Teamwork and collaboration with client and specialists the right solution can be delivered that aims to excite and enhance. 



Architects can provide a multitude of services away from that of master planning and building design. However depending on factors such as sensitivity or complexity it can be worth bringing in other specialists.

Funlab associates itself closely with specialists including sustainability, project management, 3D. The list of collaborators is growing. 


As client you may also form a team, Funlab can be part such team. Procurement routes such as Design & Build or traditional, private, corporate or public client Funlab has the experience. 

Collaboration and communication of the team is key for a project to be successful.