Why Fun, the process of the exploration of ideas that are developed to form or explore the brief and concept in order to establish a viable project.

Why lab, whether the design is for a temporary installation or a master plan, science and regulation need to be followed.

But we might need to refer to Fun to resolve constraints of lab

This is the design process. 

​Funlab as a studio is very much a new concept, however at its heart is experience.

Founded by architect Luke Hayes who had spent over a decade working in London for award winning building consultancy Ingleton Wood delivering projects across the UK. Either side of working in the capital he gained experience in smaller studios in Suffolk and Somerset.  

Projects include domestic and developer led housing, education, commercial and hospitality architecture and interior design. 

At Funlab there is an understanding that every project has a 'big idea' no matter the size, no matter the value. With that initial idea the solution is found by working with you and understanding the site and its context in order to define the final project brief. 

Funlab promote teamwork. Good design is achieved only by working as a team.

The architect forms part of a wider team of client, consultant and constructor. The right team appointed at the right time produces results. 


The built environment around us can impact and influence people and the landscape for generations. Therefore a considered and sustainable approach must be taken to mitigate the impacts of construction to deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing projects. 

Funlab believe that all clients and every potential project must be treated with the same values to find your big idea, your grand design.

For client, contractor and consultant alike Funlab offer a service. This service is friendly and approachable but also professional.